This is solution for those who are engaged in foreign recruitment. Collecting CV's and maintaining CV Database in a well organized manner is important for recruiters. The candidates availability by skill, experience,age, gender, locality should be able to retrive quickly from a central database

Picking the right candidate and sending their CV's to the client is an important function. Retrieving information from the data base should be simple.  The recruiters can filter for a specific skills and list all available candidate based on defined criteria and then view the CV's linked to the data records.

The client becomes happy when the right candidates are shortlisted based on preliminary interviews.  The client conduct  interview via online on onsite .  Every stage in the selection process is tracked and managed.

The recruitment process is effortless, systematic and faster using our framework.

Framework based solution is Cloud powered and hence accessible from around the Globe. An end to end system ensures the availability of the required information with ease, error free and mobile.

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