जगत; विपरिवर्तते

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

Techno Functional Consulting


The Key Challenges

  • Finding and retaining the right staff. Ensuring they understand the vision of the organisation
  • Increasing profit amidst unhealthy competition.
  • Adherence and compliance to processes and regulation's.
  • Huge investments in ERP and other Softwares, often do not meet requirements.
  • Experienced Management Consultants define process efficiency measures, suggest best practices and share knowledge through trainings. Implementation and adaptation come up as a road block!



  • A 360° Visibility.
  • Complete Operational Control.
  • Enhanced and efficient Decision Support System
  • Industry Best Practices put to effectiveness
  • Increased Operational Efficiency resulting in Increased Staff Productivity
  • Cost Effectiveness and Return of Investment
  • Easily deployable with minimum changes to existing software's and systems. 


The Outcome

​Organisation wide development of  relevant skills like :​

  • Time Management with effective use of existing technology.
  • Learning and implementing prioritization
  • Strategic thinking and decision making at all levels
  • Getting to speed to be more effective at work.
  • What gets measured, gets Managed.